Dan works really hard for his clients and goes the extra mile to develop a solid case. He’s super ethical, extremely smart, very experienced and he has a big heart. I recommend him very highly. I consulted with him on a legal case and he was very helpful and made sure my concerns were resolved. I’ve seen him in court over the years and he’s an excellent trial attorney. He’s truly one of the top lawyers in Hawaii.


I was referred to Dan Hempey by an acquaintance. As it turned out, that was the best referral of my life. His level of experience gives him the uncanny ability to outmaneuver the opposition, i.e., determine whether a legal issue is the shield or the sword, and have the confidence to deliver the chosen message in the courtroom. If hiring the absolute best legal counsel is your goal, then without hesitation, this should be your first call.


Daniel Hempey represented me in a completely professional, competent manner.  He handles my case extremely well in all respects and looking back I’m grateful I found him when I did.


I want to give thanks and convey my appreciation for the good work, honest perseverance and uplifting goals of this legal defense team of Daniel Hempey and Staff. Some significant professional qualities would be listed as Intuitive, Persevering, Loyal, Impeccable, Intelligent, and Pleasant. The Citizen’s best defense and rescue in the face of errant or corrupt legal dilemma.

Tebo B.

Craig De Costa is one of the nicest guys you will ever met and extremely smart, balanced with a sense of justice and fairness. There is no one else I would recommend for any issues you may have on this island or elsewhere. Craig is fair and methodical and takes a no nonsense approach and will defend you in the best possible manner and get results. Remember, he was the former prosecutor and brings to the table that working knowledge of the office and relationships within the prosecutors office. Go see him is you have any issues. You won’t be disappointed.

James M.

Craig De Costa is an excellent lawyer. He was always there to talk and explain anything to me and always made me feel like he cared. Without Craig’s help I don’t know if I would of got out of my charges and he always showed the upmost professionalism and intelligence when representing me. If you’re thinking about hiring a lawyer I fully recommend calling Mr. De Costa, you will not be disappointed. I can’t express the respect and gratitude I have for this man and his work

Genevieve W.